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 ERISA Risk Management

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Regulatory and legal scrutiny of your company’s 401(k) plan and other qualified retirement plans will only increase in coming years. In order to protect themselves from the ERISA related risk associated with sponsoring a 401(k) or qualified retirement plan, plan sponsors need a documented process based system to manage their retirement plans. The goal of Lockton’s ERISA Risk Management practice is to help plan sponsors create positive outcomes for both their plan and participants which in turn lowers their risk profile.

“” was designed as a valuable information based tool to help you identify and quantify areas of fiduciary risk exposure in your company’s 401(k) or other qualified retirement plans. Here you will find first-hand experience, best practices, industry resources, and the in-depth expertise you need to sort through the many complexities of fiduciary, operational, financial or regulatory risks.

The inspiration for this site is our innovative consulting approach which provides fiduciary protection through process and perspective. Our energies are focused on helping plan sponsors improve three core plan management disciplines to reduce their fiduciary and operational risk profiles and improve the retirement readiness of their participants. Learn more about these three core disciplines here.

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